Sunday School

Adult Sunday School
This is a bible study designed for adults wanting to learn and grow in their faith. Pastor Cody leads this Sunday school and works through different books of the Bible. Open and respectful discussion also happens during this time.
High School Sunday School
The high school Sunday school strives to assist our kids with keeping Christ in the center of their lives. We strive to provide an apologetics based lesson to teach them how to defend their faith in a world that is telling them God doesn’t exist. We want to walk along with the kids parents in teaching what their identity in Christ looks like and how they can make life decisions according to God’s will.
Children’s Sunday School
Children’s Sunday School is dedicated to teaching the historical lessons of biblical times and the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. We work to mold our children into God loving believers. Our goal  is to reassure the kids that Jesus Christ is with them every step of the way, and that we can always lean on and trust in him, alone

Sunday Mornings


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